Light- Medium pressure ideal for relaxation, rejuvenation, reducing stress & inflammation, and stimulating blood/ lymphatic flow throughout the body.


60 min $80 | 90 min $110


-With recurring monthly massage-

60 min $65 | 90 min $95 


Firm - Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage ideal for releasing deep muscle tension, aiding injury recovery, muscle restoration, detoxification, and healing.


60 min $90 | 90 min $120


-With recurring monthly massage-

60 min $75 | 90 min $105 


Cupping is an ancient form of  Traditional Chinese Medicine in which special cups are used to create a "suction" effect on the skin to clear deep tissue muscle stagnancy, relieve tension, and promote cell repair. A powerful healing tool that may help form new connective tissues and repair damaged blood vessels. Excellent for injury recovery.

ADD-ON to any service | $20


High Quality Essential oils used in session to help relax the mind, calm the nerves, stimulate the senses, and lift your spirits. One of my favorite ways to enhance the therapeutic experience.

ADD-ON to any service | $20