Connection vs. Attachment

It is our nature as humans to be connected. To each other, to nature, to ourselves. We want to feel a sense of belonging. We want to socialize, love, and be loved. This is healthy.

Things begin to take a turn for the worse when this desire for connection turns into attachment. The ego tries to control, condition, and categorize our experiences for our own "safety". Attachment happens often, and we can be attached to MANY things. Success, power, money, achievement, food, lovers, family/children, organization, instant gratification, consumerism, technology & the list goes on. When we are attached, we RELY on whatever it is, this outside FINITE source, and eventually we are left feeling empty, frustrated, lost..

So how do we overcome attachment? How do we learn to tap into the INFINITE source of nourishment within ourselves and in the world around us?

I think the first step is to recognize what you are attached to. What are the things in your life you try to control? Look within. Don't be afraid of what you will find. Acknowledge yourself. Acknowledge your attachment habits without judgment. Just look.

Once you have identified your attachments, begin to picture your life without those things in it. It may be difficult or painful to do this, but picture it anyway. Are you still alive? Are you still breathing? Or will you LITERALLY die without it? If you will not die without this thing, begin to understand that your life is SO MUCH MORE than whatever it is you are attached to. Your attachments will DEFINE you if you let them. Literally. When you are well-connected, but free, nothing and no one can define you. Mentally give yourself permission to let go. Detach.

Repeat to yourself, "I am no longer attached to _________ , I have a healthy connection with myself and the world around me, and I do not depend on anything besides my truth. And my truth is that I am better off focusing on ___________ (my own mental/physical/spiritual health, self-love, connecting with others, acts of service, etc.)"

Releasing attachments can free us up to form new connections, better habits, powerful insights, and most importantly a more meaningful life. When we fill ourselves up with respect, love, truth, and honor, we naturally move away from attachment. We seek fulfillment instead.

Fulfillment is self-generated. We can only feel it once we have surrendered to life. When we surrender, every experience is "enough". We do not need more, we are who we are supposed to be. We are CONNECTED to the very essence of who we are, and that in itself is enough. You are enough without even trying, so LET GO of those attachments. Cut the cord. Visualize it.

Your life is meant for so much more than fulfilling petty desires with instant gratification and living with an attachment to finite sources that will mean nothing to you on your death bed. Stop taking this life for granted. Connect. Go deeper. Give of yourself, and see what selflessness can do for you.