GAIA explained

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

A huge focus of this website is centered upon the word Gaia.

So besides the definition I've left on the 'Discover' page, I would like to take things a bit further in depth and share my perception of this theory.

In Ancient Greek mythology, Gaia was the personification of the earth Herself; the ancestral mother of all life. Throughout the ages, most cultures and belief systems have included an Earth Goddess of some sort. These loving, caring, providers of life were celebrated and worshipped around the world.. Until a major shift took hold of our planet, catapulting humanity into a Yang-oriented, male-driven, ego- based society that lives to consume and... AHEM.

Back to the point..

Gaia is also the theory that chemist James Lovelock and his research partner Lynn Margulis proposed in 1970. They hypothesized that the earth is a living being, self-regulating the elements to sustain life upon it. This revolutionary hypothesis is now seen as an accurate representation of life interaction on the planet.

The Gaia theory teaches that a sophisticatedly aware universe is regulating these many facets to protect and preserve life on the planet, much as a mother protects her own children. This shows us that the stability of life and its consistent ability to self-regulate and protect earth's creatures implies an extremely intelligent universe we are a part of.

With this in mind, we are able to see that humans are also directly affecting life on the planet and the way in which the planet regulates itself. For example, despite the massive amounts of carbon dioxide we dump into the air each day, the Earth's natural processes still allow for fresh air to reach our lungs. Though of course the amount of pollution is taking a massive toll on not only human life, but animal and plant life, sea life and air life.. The planet is working hard to maintain proper living conditions.

Yet it is also an effortless care. It is effortless for the Earth to grow trees, plants, grasses. It is this effortless perfection that allows for the changing of the seasons, the lunar cycles, the movement of water throughout its many states, the diversity of the animal kingdom. The Earth provides effortlessly, but how we manage the goods that are provided is what affects the future.

At this moment, humans are, as a whole, ravenous consumers. We are insatiable, always looking for MORE. More flavor, more fun, more excitement, more extreme! This desire to constantly elevate creates an extremely fast-paced, competitive, individualistic- based society in which we ae typically acting more as a virus than we are as animals living in homeostasis with the planet. This never-satisfied mindset justifies our actions to acquire more and more for ourselves, without regard to what we may be affecting or damaging.

Let's think about something... Time. If we break time down far enough; smaller than the minute, the second.. past the very millisecond until we reach such a finite amount of time that is small, so teeny that in order to truly experience it, we would have to freeze it. To be there in that fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second, you would realize that there is not ENOUGH "time" to acquire ANYTHING. In that smallest imaginable moment of time, we are unable to POSSESS anything. We cannot move in that small of a window of time, we cannot even think. We cannot DO anything besides simple BE. We do not HAVE anything besides the energy that composes us, and even that is not a tangible belonging, but an essence.

So you see, once we can accept and find contentment in the fact that we can never truly HAVE anything, we free ourselves. We free ourselves from dependency and dissatisfaction and realize that everything we need is provided for us effortlessly by Mother Earth. Everything that makes us feel content, whole, provided and cared for, is easily accessible right here. RIGHT NOW. No matter where you are or what you do, there is peace waiting for you.

This peace is born from an appreciation and gratitude for the majesty of life as we know it. Recognizing your reality is the first step, then slowly creating a life that you are able to fully participate in comes next. Skimming the surface as a spectator, letting temporary fixes and vices sustain you is not going to satisfy for long. When we take responsibility for who we are and how we act, we become aware of our direct affect on the world around us.

Each action in each moment is the connection point between the past and the future. Our decisions connect our past to the present and creates a chain link of events tying our present to the future. What you choose at EVERY given moment, is affecting more than just your future, but the future of EVERYTHING around you- living and nonliving.

When we care for ourselves and provide for ourselves in a gentle, loving, and nurturing (etc.) way, we are simultaneously caring for others and the planet as a whole in the same way. Cultivating health, balance, and presence in our lives creates an influence extending outward from us in 360 degrees, every imaginable direction, that is sending that same kind, healing, powerful energy through everything we come into contact with.

Do you realize how much power that is? Do you see how capable we really are?

We have the choice to listen. To pay attention. To hear and feel what is happening around our planet to not only ourselves and human beings, but plants, animals, and ecosystems everywhere. When we listen, we will understand the importance of our role here. When we have the care and wisdom to appreciate instead of only take, the planet reflects this. There will always be enough. It is effortless to receive and be a part of the natural, dynamic living energy grid we are a part of, you just have to allow it. We have the power to actively create a reality that is beneficial for all living creatures, and it starts with you. With me. Right now.

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