Inspired by Nature with Steeze Qween Cass B

Q&A With Cassidy Bennett on Art, Traveling, and Bein a G

I have had the pleasure of knowing Cassidy for almost 4 years now. This girl is WILD. From last minute, cross country road trip adventures to shredding water in all its forms, she never shies away from an adventure. I think that's what I love about her, she just does. This goofy gal loves to express herself through art and movement as she radiates love wherever she goes.

Q: So Cass, what are your passions?

A: The fire within is ignited by hiking, photography, music, art, and travel. 

Q: How has expressing yourself through art affected your life?

A: Expressing myself through art helps me think and live outside the box. It’s easy to get stuck in the routines of everyday life but when I let my mind roam free with a pen in my hand, it puts my mind at ease. I can create something totally new every single time which allows me to be more open to change not only on paper, but in real life.  Overall, my life has way more flow when I am expressing myself through taking pictures and doodling. 

Q: What is your favorite way to express yourself?

A: Two of my favorite forms of self expression are drawing while listening to instrumental music and taking pictures out in nature because it creates such a mellow space in my head!

Q: What messages do you hope to convey through your art and photography, if any?

A: If I had a message to express through my works of art it would be that there are so many different ways to see, connect with, and appreciate nature. Letting the imagination run free with the endless colors and shapes of Mother Nature is a sure way to brighten your senses and move yuh spirit. 

Q: How has traveling and your passion for the outdoors influenced your art? What drives you to want to explore and care for the earth? 

The more time that I spend outside, the more flowers, trees, animals, and plants I want to draw/ take pictures of.  I am in love with nature and I am a part of nature therefore I want to be as close to it’s natural form as possible. When I spend hours editing pictures of the outdoors or draw pictures of plants I feel deeply connected with the universe and my life. 

On another note, my eating habits have changed tremendously ever since I spent more time in nature. It has drawn me into eating healthier and cleaner foods. Earth provides all the nutrients we need in our everyday life, there’s no need to add 282919028 altering ingredients. #eatpure

Q: What is your most memorable traveling adventure and why?

A: My most memorable traveling adventure was about two years ago with this beautiful, crazy, young, independent, hippie- snowboarder chick I met in Colorado (okay, okay yes this one is about you, Jodie).

It was an early morning in the open desert. We were dressed for work during our summer on Lake Powell as a Fuel Attendant and Dockhand on Hall's Crossing Marina when we went outside for a couple breaths of fresh air. Out in the rising sunlight an idea was born. We looked into each other’s eyes and nodded yes to the idea of skipping work in lieu of a day trip to Salt Lake City. We didn’t know how far it was but we assumed it would be like 3 hours. We got in the car, called off work and drove for about 2 hours before we put it in the GPS at a gas station. The GPS read that we were still 4 hours away but we were like welp, we’ve already made it this far already, may as well send it.

Let me inform you that we were not prepared... at all... we literally had nothing but the clothes on our back (tank top and jean shorts).

SO, long story short, we made it to Salt Lake and tore it up on a strip in the city that night. Went to about 6 bars, sang karaoke, danced the night away, ended up at a secret rave that went until sunrise, and crashed at this guy's house that I had met on the lake a couple weeks prior. That evening we had also met a guy named Melvin who drove us around the town for free all night in the back of his trolley bike. He took us to every bar and waited patiently outside as we swore "only 1 shot and we'll be right back" every time. He also paraded us around the city and eventually escorted us to the rave. While perusing the streets in the back of his chariot between bars, we were fearlessly flashing every passer-by. Yikes. The next morning when we woke up we looked into each other’s eyes again and decided that the fun was not over. So we went to Vegas!

Very long story short, we: stayed in a hostel, rode in a limo that gave us free drinks and free club access, rocked the strip in some clearance Walmart dresses bought earlier that day, met some guys from a bachelor party at the club, hopped on their party bus, spent pretty much all of our money, and found ourselves in Zion National Park three days later. After skipping basically a week of work over the Fourth of July, we still did not get fired from our jobs.. but we quit instead. We packed up and headed east to Colorado and yeah that was that. Then the next adventure began.

Q: Where is your favorite place to camp?

A: Dispersed campsites that you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get to in Colorado. Not really a fan of legit campsites anymore. I LOVE getting way out into the wilderness because it’s so cozy to be surrounded by trees, ultra bright stars, and most importantly, the sounds of nature.

Q: Describe your dream life in a dream world. What would be your absolute utopia? 

A: Plants, plants, and more plants... hiking all the time, camping, healthy food, live music, love in the air, and being surrounded by healthy people/ minds that want to grow. So basically my reality for the most part.

And there you have it folks.

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