Living & Learning

I’m in a weird place.

Makin all kinda mistakes.

But that’s the thing about life,

It’s not a race.

The more I fuck up,

The more that I learn.

The more that I learn,

The more that I yearn.

For the dullest sensation is brighter

Than the brightest idea.

That’s why overthinking

Makes everything unclear.

To feel the way

Is the way.

I don’t need to question

My decision today.

But I will.

Because I’m scared

That I made a mistake.

But these blunders start the cycle over.

A clean new slate.

On fresh new ground,

I begin to build again.

Though I crave something strong &

Sturdy within.

A true foundation

Takes time, effort, &


But I am easily distracted and


I crave to build,

But I lack patience.

This is the first building block.

Creating the waiting.

Learning to slow down enough

To be satiated.

I surrender to


Gravity &