I like the way this one rolls off the tongue. Lucid living. It sounds so lovely, but what exactly does it mean? And how can it be attained?

Lucid: to be bright or clear.

Lucidity in dreams is a state in which one becomes fully aware of one's surroundings, taking a direct part in the scenario actively playing out. This state of clarity is often accompanied with a wisdom of sorts. You realize you have a profound knowledge of where you want to go, what you want to do, feel, see, hear, and be, yet there is no pressure to rush. In fact, you take your time. You become the creator, and everything simply falls into place. Directly experiencing the moment at hand, you are able to manipulate the dream world.

To live a lucid life is to truly be where you are. The place. The feeling. The time. To be so present that you are effortlessly able to make decisions without question. You recognize and directly utilize the abilities you possess. You make choices each moment that then create the reality you desire and deserve. You are setting yourself up for future success by trusting that the moment at hand is playing out the way it should. When you take responsibility for the role you play in YOUR OWN life, you are finally free to be the person you want to be.

It's quite simple really... Once you realize that YOU ARE the only one who has the power to live YOUR LIFE, the only thing preventing you from true lucidity is your ego and your (poor) habits.

Ego: responsible for expectation, blame, judgment, disappointment, anxiety, fear, depression, separation, illusion. Ego allows us to see our own individuality. It compares.

"Comparison is the thief of joy" - Theodore Roosevelt

Poor habits: Keep us in a box, responsible for lack of change, stagnancy, unhealthy living, comfortability in the mundane, numbness, and feelings of powerlessness. In truth our habits directly intertwine with and reflect the state of the ego, so they flow together through our ups and downs, each reflecting the state of the other. Our habits result from our state of ego and vice versa.

So, what to do?

To re-kindle a creative fire or re-channel a wildfire that has spread out of control we must first acknowledge ourselves.

1) Realize the state of being that you are in RIGHT NOW. How do you feel? What does the air around you feel like? Is it warm? Cold? Is there gentle breeze? What noises can you hear? Listen. Can you distinctly pick out all the different sources of sound? What's been on your mind? Is it useful or looping for no reason? Are you feeling stagnant or active? Are you rushing or do you feel calm? What is your mood? (Etc.)

Asking these questions and answering them as simply and bluntly as possible is a good start for getting to know who you are IN THIS MOMENT. When we can observe the emotion we are feeling without attaching to said feeling, we are free to fully embrace and become whatever mix of emotions is present. And then, possibly even in the very next moment, we are free to let it go and re-open ourselves to the next set of waves of emotion rolling in. Each moment is a new event that becomes us and then passes through, if we allow it. In this way, energy is free to flow in and out, and we are free to fully experience what is currently happening with every fiber of our being. *Lucid Living*

2) Create. Once you become present enough to get to know yourself, you may realize (or already know) that there is a myriad of interests, talents, and goals that have been hiding just beneath the surface, waiting for a chance to express! An active part of living in a state of lucidity is DOING. So I urge people to get creative!

Create movement. Movement is LIFE. Change is LIFE. Without movement we become static, stagnant, decay, and death. Activate and infuse your body with empowering energy. Clear your mind and renew the brain and blood with fresh oxygen. Release those sticky muscles and strengthen those weak spots! There are so many ways to MOVE IT and there is no wrong way! Dance, walk, hang, hike, play, compete, ski/ride, lift, run, bike, and the list goes on FOREVER. There are infinite ways to shake dat booty... Get er goin!

Create art. Doesn't matter how old you are or what you do, there is always room for creation. Creativity is what our brains were designed for. We are made to invent, try new things, and expand the consciousness of life. Sing, write, draw, fantasize, build, paint, take pictures, make podcasts, shoot videos, collect something, design in any way possible... and yet another infinite list is started lol. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy, something that you are able to fully submerse in. And start doing it. Make time for it. Doesn't matter how often or how much time, just start giving yourself the gift of you.

Create space. This is so important, and can be tricky to balance at times. Scientifically speaking, we are all 99.99..% space. We are composed almost entirely of nothing and this thought just comforts me so much. In a world where we are often overstimulated, overworked, over-connected, and overexposed, the value of creating and living in your own space is pertinent. And no, I don't mean you have to move to the middle of nowhere and live alone to get it (trust me.... I tried that). But it is something you must recognize and allow to simple be. When we recognize just how spacious this reality is... we see that we are free to interpret and connect in a manner that is safe and beneficial for ourselves and thus others.

What I mean by that is there is actually SO MUCH SPACE that we are free to use our own space how we like. The feeling of pressure coming from another source (someone else, a tough situation, etc.) is an illusion. See, we humans have this innate capability to interpret and pick up frequencies from not only other people around us, but all organic and inorganic matter surrounding us. This is what creates our reality, and it is so beautiful how that works.. But when we feel SOCLOSE to everything that someone else's shitty mood ruins our own or someone's stress makes you feel pressured, (etc.), regardless of if they are directing it towards us or not, we are not honoring our space.

You see, what happens to us is influenced by those around us, but only because we allow it to. When living with respect for the space within and around you, you are still free to fully feel the situation. For example, now you are able to experience your coworker's complaints, but instead of reacting (getting frustrated, annoyed, etc.) or sympathizing (you become what they are/you take on their mood... not helpful...) you can fully empathize (understand exactly HOW they are feeling and WHY they are feeling this way) instead. There is really so much space that if we allow it, we can handle any situation thrown our way with a calm and collected mind. With this magnitude and space present, there is enough time and enough room to let ALL things (feelings, moods, words, art, action, etc.) flow freely.

THERE IS ROOM FOR ALL OF US. But first you have to put that ego away and stop blaming and/or judging others. Take full responsibility that you are the one in control of how you use your space, and how you react to what passes through your space. And don't be bothered by others. Let people do what they want to do without putting your two cents in on everything... I mean seriously, how exhausting.

I encourage people to take it a step further by recognizing what kind of space they create for others. When we welcome experience of any kind into our own lives, we are simultaneously creating a more welcoming space for everyone. This is a gift that we can all tap into, and seeing the beauty and uniqueness of how others express themselves is absolutely inspiring. When we are open and trusting, we are able to truly connect with others free of ego, and thus energetically encourage others to do the same for themselves. This freeing experience may be one of the most wonderful parts of being human (at least for me!)

I also feel it is very important to take the time to create even more space for yourself. Spend time alone. Travel. Camp. Get away from the city and connect with the divine infinite natural world. Do more for YOU. Do things because you WANT to. Have no shame, and flaunt your shiiiit! Create yourself into a space that you truly love. Fill your body with space that you actually WANT to be in. Open your mind to the infinite reality we are a part of. And experience your full potential. Cuz you're a frickken badass dude.

3) Enjoy. This one is easy. Sit back, relax, and let it all happen. When we trust ourselves and are invested in our passions, there is nothing to fear, and nowhere to be but here.

*Lucid Living*