Movement is Medicine

Movement is life.

Life is on the move!

To be perpetually still is to do your beautiful body a grand disservice.

It can be so easy to get sucked into the couch.

Episode after episode.

Day by day.

Meals in front of screens.

Is it truly satisfying?

To some, perhaps.

To many, no.

It starts to feel like something is missing,

Though you just can't put your finger on it.

This feeling deep inside your bones starts to build..

Something just seems wrong.

We worry.

We ache.

We wonder what it is that's making us feel so..


I know I've been there.

More than once.

It's easy to fall.

Deeper and deeper

Into a comatose state.

But what happens when

You don't even know you're in one?

So much time gone by,

Many years,

Taking the easiest route day after day.

Not knowing what's headed our way.

Or refusing to look. To see. To acknowledge.

It is misery,

In the end.

Created by no one

Except ourselves,

Might I add.

Ignorance is not bliss.

But naivety could be.

However, in this day and age,

Naivety is rare.

What with the overshare

Of information

Always at our fingertips.

We read a lot,

We see far more.






And the list goes on.

How much do we see,

That we choose to ignore?

That we HAVE TO ignore,

Lest we go insane?

We must filter some things out.

But which parts are we keeping,

And what are we throwing away?

Are we keeping what feels good?

What kind of feel good is it?

The instant gratification, temporary kind?

Or the kind that lasts, builds, and carries us onward?

The kind that tastes good going down,

But leaves you eternally hungry for more?

Or the kind that satisfies with just one breath,

Never craving or needing anything we don't

Already have.

Bored and lonely,

Stuck in the house.

We blame the weather,

We blame the time,

We blame anything

That keeps us from bursting the bubble.

So here is the question:

Do you want to pop your bubble?

Do you want to breathe new air and

Renew the blood running through your veins?

Some do.

Some don't.

Some are truly content in their stagnant isolation

And that is okay.

But if you're ready to renew,

To find something new.

A feeling you've long forgotten..

Take the first step.

Move your body.

Take yourself outside.

There is no reason left to hide

Under your own skin,

Buried deep within your own body.

A prisoner of the flesh


Just walk out the door

And vow to see the world

With a fresh pair of eyes,

Realize your judgments

Are your own lies.

Own your faults

Embrace your beauty,

This world is too amazing

To spend your life brooding

And tucked away in a corner,

Mind far, far away.

When today is today.

Yes today is THE day.

The one that matters,

Because it's here.

So move your feet,

And lend an ear,

The outside world is nothing to fear.

But more than just go,

Move with a flow!

Flowing will get you places,

That forcing never could.

Your body yearns to explore,

And explore you should!

So dance, stretch, and let it all out.

Run, jump, and climb without doubt.

Lift, push, and try something new.

Kinetic movement

Looks so good on you!

Soon you will feel

All worries slip away,

As new air fills your lungs

On this glorious day.

Sweat, cry, and laugh till it hurts.

The pain from the couch

Is undoubtedly worse.

Movement is medicine,

Never in short supply.

If we don't move our bodies,

We surely will die

A most painful death,

And no one wants that.

So with a tip of your toes,

And a nod of your hat,

Explode! Create! Jump where you can!

See how you feel when you finally land.

Refreshed and renewed,

With a rich blood supply.

Oxygenated lungs

Are the ultimate high.

So challenge yourself

At least a little each day.

And watch your joy build

Every step of the way.

As you build yourself up,

Your muscles grow too.

They strengthen and open,

You know what to do!

Your bones lose that feeling

Of weakness and pain,

And everything feels right

In your body again.

The body is made to feel good

If we let it.

We must listen and care, though

Or we might regret it.

For when that day comes,

And we reach a ripe old age,

I want to enjoy it

And not regret a single thing.

Live to move & move to live.

And the stillness will come

From deep down within.