✨Simple ideas for combating the winter blues✨


-Essential for staying healthy and happy during the colder months. Moving the body in new ways, at least 20+ minutes/ day to stimulate digestion, increase oxygen levels, process & release stagnancy, lubricate the spine & joints, increase serotonin levels, release endorphins, lower tension & stress, and fine tune energy levels will help keep you from feeling bogged down and heavy this winter.

-Examples to try: Dance, Yoga, Lift (weights), Walk, Run, HIIT, Calisthenics, Stretch, Martial Arts, Qigong, Acro, Hiking, Climbing, Skiing/ Riding, skating & anything else you can think of!


-Connecting with nature, even when it’s cold outside, is especially important for maintaining balance in the winter. Our bodies naturally sync up with nature, & the more time we can spend with our feet on the Earth and the trees over head; the more likely we are to feel in tune with ourselves and the reality of living on this planet.

-So bundle up (if you’re in a colder state!) and get out there! Nature walks are one of my favorite things. But you can also sit in your front or backyard, listen to the birds and the breeze, gaze up at the open sky, admire how nature changes and prepares for winter. Allow yourself to do the same.


-What we eat becomes who we are. Food is the fuel that allows the cells in our bodies to replace themselves. Food also resupplies our mental energy and can play a huge part in the way our digestive system/ gut functions.

-A happy gut = a happy brain!!

-Tips for winter eating: eat seasonally! Right now some of my favorite winter foods include: sweet potatoes 🍠, beets, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale 🥬 & other dark leafy greens, winter squash, beans, lentils, oats, & nut butters

-Winter is a great time to eat warm, cooked foods over raw foods: Soups, Roasted veggies, Oatmeal, etc.

-It is the holiday season so don’t be afraid or ashamed to indulge in some favorites now & then, too! Some of my favorites: wine🍷, pizza, sweets, pie 🥧 , pasta dishes, and anything my mom cooks!

-It’s okay (& normal!) to enjoy your “unhealthy” favorites in moderation!!

-Feed your soul!