Taking Breaks and Making Changes

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Good things take time.

When I first had the idea for this site, I imagined that it would all come together swiftly and easily in just a few short months. I worked at it, but I was going to massage therapy school full time, working part time, and tending to a budding new relationship. In my mind I could see it all, I knew exactly what I wanted to create and how I was going to go about making it. The only problem was "finding the time".

Well, here I am nearly a year later and I still feel as though I'm just getting started. I have found the time to create bits of my imagined online mecca, but I have also lost track of time, and life just keeps on going.

I am now living in Bozeman, Montana and over the last month or two I have taken a leave of absence from the GEODE world. But damn it feels good to be back! I feel refreshed and rejuvenated and I realize how important it is to simply hit "pause" on a creative, social, or work endeavor now and then.

When we allow ourselves space and time to tend to other needs or desires in our lives, we give our mind, body, and soul the opportunity to refuel our creative juices. The pause may be short (a minute or two) or it could be long (days, months, years..), it really doesn't matter. What matters is the change and growth that occurs during this "pause" that allows one to re-emerge stronger, smarter, and ready to grab life by the horns again.

It is truly a beautiful experience to learn how to listen to yourself and honor the parts of yourself that need a rest. During these times it can be especially helpful to focus on self-care and implement natural, refreshing experiences and products in your life. Massage, Aromatherapy, spa days, epsom salt soaks, fresh and healthy foods, sunshine, exercise, and fresh air are very simple yet effective acts of care that you can provide for yourself to feel good every day. Dancing, letting loose, appreciating those around you, and trying new things are great ways to spice up your psyche.

Change is a good thing, and when we seek out new experiences, we allow ourselves to open up to the world around us. Whether it be a small change such as getting a pet fish, or a big change like moving across the country, we all grow from exposure to the unknown. This growth then fuels the next chapter of one's life, and brings a new perspective and understanding to the picture, allowing one's viewpoint to widen and become more vibrant.

Good things take time. And it's a beautiful sight to watch yourself blossom.