Very simply stated:

We have fallen victim to ourselves.

Fallen victim to our own fear that the

Other would not love us for who we really are.

Flawed, emotional, dynamic,

Ever changing creatures.

We have fallen victim to believing our

Relationship must be

Exclusive, Binding,


We must only love one person,

Or we are sinners.

He must only love me,

Or I am not enough.

These are lies.

We have trapped ourselves and thus

Each other into boxes.

But nothing is permanent.

Feelings change like the wind, but

Love remains.

I love him.

But I do not feel comfort with him.

The pressure to be who

I’ve made myself out to be

Is too great.

I wish to start over.


Be me again.

Ever changing, no rules, all freedom, and a

Peaceful slowness.

No rush to change but

No wall blocking it.

We will change forever.

Let us not hold each other back, but find

Joy in the release.

Release the binds and claws.

Let go, and believe in love.

Believe that love will still be there,

Even when we change.

Share in love with me beautiful,

One step at a time.

No more pressure.

No more roles.

No more rules.

Simply, a choice.

This is my desire.