We are all instruments

When we take the time to connect with our bodies, clear out stagnancy, and welcome in new energy.. We are fine tuning ourselves to operate at a higher level.

The body & mind are like instruments, when in tune everything vibrates at a harmonious frequency. This allows for the abundant universal energy that is all around us to flow freely throughout our bodies.


UNI = unison or ONE



We are all a part of the same song, so

Join the dance &

Play along.

Sing your heart out,

Restless lungs.

Homeward bound,

Since we were young.

In tune we flow so easily. But

Fear & fog will sneakily

Pollute the waters of harmony,

Making it so hard to see

Through eyes of truest clarity.

So take care of your sacred space.

Your instrument, your holy place.

Learn to move and dance and BREATHE.

You’re not alone,

You know what you need.

Trust your gut, it knows the way.

& I’ll be here to laugh & play!

Until we see a brighter day.

This universal energy flows effortlessly from the Earth: all of nature is in tune with it. The sky, stars, moon, and outer space are part of it too. We are no exception to this. We are deeply woven into the tapestry of life, unfolding all around us.

So take some time. TAP IN.

Clear out.

Get in TUNE.

Find the harmony. Feel it. Become it. And then let it pour out. For when one heals, we all heal. When one is liberated, freedom spreads.

Do your work. Enjoy the day. Spread the love. Keep it simple.